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As discussed, I’ve attached more information about our resources and how we can help you [achieve a goal] and solve [business problem]. We look forward to starting this new adventure. We would like to invite you to become a brand ambassador for our company! Being guided by branding principles can help you allocate time and effort that will not be wasted when creating an email brand. You must still tailor each email to your recipient, and include enough personalized words to make your email feel less like a form letter and more like a chat with someone you want to know better. Have you ever felt genuinely impressed with the way an email was written? Adjust the following confirmation email template to your needs. Now it is your turn. That first email sets the tone for what the subscriber can expect, and it also reveals your business culture and how much you value the people who are interested in your products and services. Your entire email should be as short and concise as possible—3 paragraphs max, 3 sentences per paragraph. I know that you’re super busy, so I’ll do my best to make sure that every email I send is valuable to you, with experiences and lessons that you can use to help grow your [business] [individual endeavor]. During [His/Hers] time here, [He/She] proved to have [Skills/knowledge/ability]. For this reason, we’d like to ask you a question:What do you think we could do to improve our services?Hit that reply button and let us know!Regards,[Company’s name]. A sales email’s goal is to come to the attention of the person you are trying to … What you love and hate. I did this with every brand I reached out to. Call out the collaborators immediately. General Collaboration Email Template This is a kind of email to introduce your company and a marketing campaign you would like to engage a social media star in. Humor or cute puppies can be a potent antidote to angry customer feedback. If there is one email you should pay a lot of attention on, it is the abandoned cart email. Dear [Name],When I saw that you were looking for [Position], I became excited. So here’s an example of a brand mention outreach template you can use to gently nudge the writer of the blog piece to add a link: First off, I’d like to thank you for mentioning {brand / product} within your recent article. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Or you have a very special “Black Friday” offer. When it includes something of value that you offer the prospect in addition to just saying ‘hello’ and introducing yourself. This template is similar to the previous one in terms of structure and content, however, it is more focused on previous collaborations with brands. Here’s something you can hit them up with: I want to share some content I wrote that I think you’ll find really valuable that’s never appeared on our site. Smart, reliable, and 155 thoughts on “ How to Reply to a Brand Collaboration Email | Tips for Bloggers ” Jae January 23, 2015 at 12:35 am I’ve received similar email inquiries in the last six months, and I’ve refused at least half of them especially when the email comes off shady or the nature of their brand/service doesn’t really cohere with my blog. Easily Editable & Printable. That’s what happened to Petco, and in the example below, the company quickly made things right: Plus, they make it easier to send warm emails to your target audience. Follow-up is the key to converting a prospect into a long-term customer, so you have to send an email soon after your phone call that looks like this: It was great chatting with you earlier today and learning more about how you [role] at [company]! I’d really like to be a guest on your show. That’s because you’re hiding your real intent by offering to do a service for that site, and you’re slipping in the backlink request almost as an afterthought. The sweet spot is 10-12 minutes, and the material has to be crackling, informative, funny and attention grabbing, or why bother? And you also have to find a good replacement URL for the broken link, so you will have to do some research. Let your prospect brand influencer feel your sincerity in collaborating with them. See more ideas about online branding, pitch The Parties shall equally share any financial burden, obligation, or direct costs associated with this collaboration agreement. In such cases, an informal email template will be more fitting. Wouldn’t your life be much easier if someone did the work for you, and allowed you to use a plug-and-play template for dozens of different scenarios? What you hope to achieve. You can use this introduction email template and adjust it to your needs. I am experienced in [Job responsibilities].Let me know when you are available for a call.Regards, [Name]. The first type of email you can send is to solicit a review from a customer. Remember that, and you’ll be fine. The three email examples that follow can help you become a guest on a popular podcast, solicit a guest for your own podcast, and promote your own podcast. I promise to take up no more than 15 minutes. I made a note of potential ideas that came to mind when I thought of the brand and what they sel. We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you regarding our request. And you’ll get to be a big part of helping us make [your company] the best it can possibly be. What an awesome list of resources! And of course, don’t forget to attach the invoice itself. If you ever want to unsubscribe, just use the link in the footer of this email. Before you pitch an email to a brand, make sure you have a collaboration idea beforehand. Once everything is ready to ship and confirmed, we will let you know. Podcasts have become a popular and effective way for a blog to share content with your audience. The customer experience is not a new concept and dates back to the late 19th century with the invention of the switchboard, which allowed businesses and customers to begin communicating with each other. Use this email to keep your customers informed: Today at [time your site went down], we received notice that there was a [explain the reason for the outage]. Email Negotiation Templates: If all of this seems like a lot, I’ve bundled together 10 email negotiation templates you can use for your next brand collaboration. Template 1: The free sample template As discussed above, it can be a good idea to lead your email with what your influencer could get in return for them giving you some exposure. Then once you receive a positive response, you can send the second email: BTW, I just wrote a post about [topic]: [post URL]. Once you’ve received a response from your cold outreach emails, you can move into the warm phase, in which you begin to make a small offer of service to the prospect. The difference between the average and an optimized email template is about $1,200 per year. Before you pitch an email to a brand, make sure you have a collaboration idea beforehand. I’d even wager to say you’re something of an expert. [Idea Title #2][Brief Description]
 Once your podcast is humming along, you’ll want to build out your listener base, and a really effective way to do that is to…yep, reach out to that same group of influencers you targeted to guest on your podcast or for you to guest on their podcast. We’ve always worked hard to get to know our customers, but I want to go deeper than we ever have before. We hope to have everything running within [add 15 minutes to the time you were told your site would be up again]. After coming across your desired job position, it is a good idea to apply by sending a cover letter, as it will increase your chances of landing an interview. This is why we decided to help you out by creating 23 free email templates that can help you in different occasions. [He/She] was working/studying with us here at [Organization Name] as a [Position] for [Period of time]. If you’re willing to give me 10-15 minutes of your time, it would mean a lot to me. There are two types of product review emails you can send: The key to this email is making sure the product review is worthwhile for the influencer, which typically means offering freebies. Hi [Name], [Common friend’s name] recently handed me your business card as we were discussing [topic].So here I am, writing this email to introduce myself and explain why I am reaching out. How to Effectively Implement Email Branding. Getting a response is another. Can’t wait for your next episode. We have been following your profile on [insert social media platform] and love your posts on [insert topic]. Either way, keep up the great work! Once you receive a complaint, it is best to act fast. That’s why promoting your blog – and your content – is so important. I am doing some research on your company to determine if there is (or is not) a need for [your company’s core product or service]. The order number is [Order number]. A review email’s goal is to help you get more reviews for your products and brand in general. Send it out too quickly, and your customers won’t have enough info to use for their judgment. You can use the following invoice email template and adjust it to your needs. You can use the following template for such occasions: Hi [Name],As you know, we love to get feedback. And often times, a positive response is entirely dependent on the quality of email you send out. After all, a strong relationship is based on good communication.For that reason, we would be super happy if you could fill in our survey!It will only take 5 minutes… Promise! To show our appreciation you will receive Free Shipping on your next order. When I was looking at your site, though, I noticed an error. I’m looking to further build my reputation within the industry by writing for a select few key {Industry type} publications (hence why I’m getting in touch with you). F&G CHEAT SHEET Collaboration Invitation Email Template SAY HELLO. This is a delicate balancing act, but one that you can pull off by making the offer of the ‘simple fix’ easy and uncomplicated. I can provide a free sample for you to review, and three extra ones that you can give away to your audience. What was the moment you knew you had made the right choice with [product or service]? If you’re interested, I actually just wrote a guide on [topic]: [your URL]. [Link or CTA to survey]Your answer will be used to help us improve our products and services.Many thanks, [Company name]. I’d really love to get your feedback. A job inquiry email is usually sent to land a job position that is not yet listed. Do you think these ideas would be a good fit for your [site, publication, newsletter]? Brand pitch email template for experienced influencers and bloggers. When is a cold email slightly less cold? Once your customer is assured that their order is good to go, they will also want to know when exactly their goods will arrive. All you have to do is adjust them to your specific needs and you are good to go! [Quick about you, why you’d be a good guest. Due to the nature of this email, it will be opened and quickly scanned through in order to find the “Confirm your subscription” button. Brand pitch email template for pitching to brands in a casual manner Brand pitch email template for new influencers and bloggers This template focuses on particular products and mentions specific data that informs the brand’s PR team of how they may benefit from establishing a partnership. Let me know if you need any more information. To make it easier for you to get started, I put together a list of the ten most popular, valuable and controversial blog posts we’ve ever published. I didn’t even know about some of them. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here are some templates you can use to help you generate more quality backlinks. This collaboration email from TOMS, to showcase its partnership with Clare V., is definitely on the softer, more feminine side compared to the brand’s typical look. One thing that lots of people will tell you to do that you really don't need to do is send a 'media kit.' You can read their testimonials here: [add link]If you are interested – feel free to schedule a phone call with me to discuss your challenges further: [Meetings link]. I’ll never send you spam, and I’ll never share your email address with anyone. Get started by signing up for free to update it with your own information. How to write a pitch email: template If you’ve been researching email pitch examples online, you probably noticed that they apply most of these rules to their messaging. You can use the following customer service email template and adjust it to the specific complaint. An honest overview of skills, ability, and knowledge are presented in this letter. problem-solving] abilities [add a humorous remark, e.g. Although the error was not in our control, I want to express how sorry I am for this issue. I’m the {Job title} of {Company name}, {On-line Description of Business}. You can send a thank you email for almost any occasion. Our [specific product or service] has garnered a lot of attention in the marketplace and I think it’s something that your organization might see immediate value in. And by the way…if you are able to resolve the customer’s issue, ask them to write another review explaining how you made things right. Hi [Name], Your [product name] is on its way!You can expect it to arrive at your shipping address within [Time frame]. You can also follow me on [social media handle]. We pride ourselves on providing the best to our customers, and we regret that our [product or service] did not meet your expectations. This is very similar to the curator pitch, at least, in that, you’re asking for … In the meantime, feel free to let us know your suggestions for improvement.We will update you within the next [time frame].We appreciate the heads up. If you have any questions please let us know. On the other hand, your (personal) brand may have established a more informal tone of voice. This template is for you if any of the following apply to you: You are a blogger/ brand/ influencer trying to make contact with other brands/ businesses in a particular field You haven’t already established a relationship with a brand Dear [Name], Thank you for taking the time to meet me today. In fact, your company has been my career goal ever since I was in high school.I know you like to work with the best of the best when it comes to [specific position requirements]. Product Feedback Pitch Template. White Plains, NY 10601, Get our latest news and insights right in your mailbox, Link Building Isn’t Dead: 2 Link Building Tactics That Still Work, 4 Things To Do To Get Your Site SEO-Ready For 2019, Google PageSpeed Insights Review and Case Studies, GTmetrix Outreach Tool Review and Case Studies. Welcome email template A welcome email is an opportunity to nurture newly formed relationships with your subscribers.

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