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Long life. I felt as if he wasn’t sure what the ballerina statuette’s significance was, he sort of looked at it blankly after she gave it back to him. #ACureForWellness. Now he is off to create the real cure for “wellness”. I agree that Lockhart is Hannah’s brother. Watch the behind-the-scenes video here: Watch the behind-the-scenes video here: FACEBOOK Do not attempt to contact me again.". Here I explained the grin. If that makes sense at all. I can't wait to see her upcoming film for 2018 Suspiria and am about to watch Marrowbone (2017) which is receiving great feedback. The only species with the toxin of self-doubt written into our genetic code. Answer: The film itself is themed with the paranoid, the guilty and what it feels like to be controlled. MP: Vollmer was never shown to have such powers. There’s also something wrong with the treatments that the patients are getting… but what is it? [A Cure For Wellness] is actually about paranoid schizophrenia. In this article, Dr. Ryan Corte covers the truth about wellness, including exactly what it is and why it's important. Starring Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth, the plot follows a young executive who is sent to retrieve a colleague from a mysterious rehabilitation center in the Swiss Alps. And it is from this contraption that this life is distilled. Even though he seems lucid at the end he still has some of that eel transfusion frugel blah blah blah crap. At the end of the movie, Lockhart/Pembroke is freed from the “prison” and gets to tell his previous scumbag employers to piss off. A Cure for Wellness review – slick horror full of plot holes. 200 years ago, the Baron of the ruins that lay in the center of the quad, desired to have a pure heir to his estate. ... “We didn’t use much of that, except for the sound,” Verbinski explained. Lockhart (nomen et omen) enters with his mind full of shit that occupied his mind and leaves awakened with Hannah (which means grace). The patients are given rejuvenation from time to time to stall the effects of drinking the toxic water but eventually the body gives out and they die. In such a case, it is obvious that the audience is divided in their opinion about it. The eels.. have a 7th sense about them, communicating within and without humans during the movie. There were certain scenes that were just a waste of perfectly filmed pretty space. And the other alternative just had a heart attack. We deny its existence until one day the body rebels against the mind and screams out, "I am not a well man". So what if the old are not necessarily drained of life, but reduced to a liquid soul type of thing. It would make no sense that he’s turned bad or anything. All the young people with old souls got together to celebrate their master’s success with everything. A Circus show with his freakishly old wife? When patients are given their 'treatment,' the water and properties from the immortal eels excretes through sweat and is then collected. The words health and wellness are marketed all over the place! A Cure for Wellness boasts a surfeit of visual style, but it's wasted on a derivative and predictable story whose twists, turns, and frights have all been more effectively dealt before. “I would like you to go to Switzerland and bring Mr. Pembroke back to us.” And with that, I introduce to you, Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. The Baron gives his sister the eel elixir. His company is a bit on the seedy side of things and the CEO Mr Pembroke has disappeared right before a massive merger within the firm. Since they both leave with ‘eels’ inside if them, it is not far fetched that since the mad doctor was consumed by eels, that his persona and wishes were also integrated into the eels 7th senses- and shared with those infected and hosting eels (note the zombie like connection of the patients to do the perverts will). They are then fed to the eels. Although I did see how Lockhart’s view towards life and death changed greatly – at the beginning of the movie, he carelessly threw away the office’s dead goldfish into the wastebasket – and at the end, he was deeply aware of and concerned about life and death… Oh – something that was very exciting to me – Dr. Volmer was HAP! So that plus the fact the aging lady at the sanatorium saying :”she didn’t know”(about the baroness). Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. But the truth cannot be ignored. But that still doesn’t add up. Was a great movie, and really had me thinking. Some explanations I read were wrong to me. Remember when Lockhart begins to write a letter that is similar to the letter that Pembroke sent back to the company? Your email address will not be published. There literally is no more beautiful location on the planet. Perhaps some hypnotherapy was part of the treatment at the centre too. Cough. I too was curious about the grin at the end, and I guess any theory is as good as any other. An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps, but soon suspects that … Over time he discovers that he doesn't need to take people by force and can in fact lure people to his wellness centre under the guise of curing them of anything they need curing of. But relevant to our every day lives. Now Pembroke has decades of wisdom and an energetic, responsive body. As directed by Gore Verbinski ("Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," "The Lone Ranger"), this film about a New York financial wiz (Dane DeHaan) getting trapped in a creepy Swiss clinic wants to be sickly-dreamy horror epic. to make the magic immortality serum. The stories are very very similar in structure and form. Yet his grin was a full set of 32. I think Lockhart loves Hannah and will probably try to make a life with her. I think the corporation was taking the elixir at the end because of how forceful Mr Green was when telling Lockhart he was there for a reason and has a responsibility. But it isn’t until Lockhart is caught and put into the iron lung contraption that we start to get a clue as to what is happening here at the sanitarium. Am I the only one who thinks they were cloning the individuals as a way to cover up their mysterious disappearing? Being at the Wellness centre reinvigorated his lust for success. The Baron discovered the waters of the castle to hold amazing powers. A Cure For Wellness (2016) : Movie Plot Ending Explained From the director who brought you the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, comes a psychological thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat wondering “Why hasn’t the film ended yet? Question: Let me ask you a question. I’ve watched the begining like 3 times in a row… guess i’m just dumb because I couldn’t find anything to help! A scene near the end that also stands out to me is Volmer demanding of Lockhart “Have you ever loved anything in your life.” As justification for his heinous actions. Then, there's is the big climactic fight. I can compare the feeling of it to the film It Comes at Night (2017) in the way that after watching it, I felt deflated. Maybe he reverted back to old tricks thinking water was life? And yet, when we are fully comfortable we all still ache with a deeper longing for the meaning of life, and purpose. Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for A Cure for Wellness (2016) - Gore Verbinski on AllMovie - A young executive (Dane DeHaan) must travel to an… Isn’t it time I left the seat?”. Maybe the meaning of life is deeper than everlasting life. And yet, Lockhart is certain that something is keeping them there against their will. The marriage with sister/daughter showing that they don’t believe any religion or ethics. She then mentioned that her father would come for her. The beginning was her going into the house by herself and sort of but not really getting connected to the other side. We wrap ourselves in the illusion of material success. Want a spot writing guest reviews? There is a sickness inside us. I don’t know. Some treatments work for some people, but none seems to work for everyone.Tinnitus is a tough condition for doctors to study. Then they tie the Baroness to a stake, burn her and cut out her baby and throw it in the water. At first, the ending of the movie confused the heck out of me. The water is toxic but is not toxic to the eels. A Cure for Wellness (2016) Plot. Like seriously, 2 and a half hours? Maybe?!? Two things I have yet to see mentioned, one of which connects to her being more than just human, Hannah and Lockhart have a conversation where she tells him she isn’t allowed to go swimming, and when she finally does, it finally induces her period, so it wasn’t just the liquid being made keeping her young. The elixir made her age at the speed of a snail and survive being thrown into the water after being cut from the womb. The devilish smile is the perverted father having his way ‘anyway’ from within .. and thus the wicked pedophile smile. Good sets and cinematography, but that’s all…, HiHat tell us how you really feel. Turns out Vollmer has Dr. Brennan put false teeth in the patients reassure them. HATE IT. Worse yet? The real cure for wellness is not eternal life but the retelling of our childhood. A psychological thriller about an up-and-coming Wall Street executive (Dane DeHaan) who questions his sanity while trapped in that mysterious sanitarium, A Cure for … Perhaps as someone said, Lockhart and Hannah have something more in common. Something made Hannah survive as a fetus when she was thrown into the water. But Lockhart, figuring out what is going on here and the danger that Hannah is in rushes to the basement to help her. Spoilers ahead for A Cure for Wellness. (Thus the terrible relationship between the town and the castle.) Just watched it and was a little confused. But the last grin with that emphasis on the teeth is really confusing. Like Clouds of Sils, I was just transfixed every time Gore Verbinski showed us the mountains around the castle. Lastly, the eels were like a tapeworm inside the body forcing the dehydration and once they were in the chambers they were dehydrated and steamed up to produce this sweat that became the elixir, however how did the eels leave once pumped into the stomach? Life/Money drained from those patients is used by those companies as life portion for their own wellness and for their generations. That’s what I’ve been trying to find out. I think the Lockhart we see in the end is a clone. There are weird throbbing sounds coming from a blocked off area of the resort, patients are losing teeth prodigiously, and why is it that no one ever wants to leave? We’ve reached the juncture of this review where it’s wise to cease giving away plot details. No. And they eventually rise up and attack the baroness. The dentist drilled a hole in one and he lost another. Can I make a quick comment about utilizing Switzerland more for movie locations? What do you make of the “she’s dreaming” references. Is Volmers' sister who he married to keep the family heritage in line. A Cure for Wellness will be released in theaters on Friday (Feb.17) via Twentieth Century Fox. There could be surviving employees who are able to stay alive if they have enough elixir. So if you haven’t seen it yet. Pretty, pretty pictures but also not required. And he sees that his motivations were all wrong. etc. I believe that the grin was Lockhart’s eel brainwash. I’ve watched the movie yesterday. The only way we know you have tinnitus is if you tell us. So we have your young and earnest book cooker in training… I think we should send him! Lockhart, realizing that Volmer was onto something, takes Hannah with the intent of continuing on the life everlasting tradition. Answer: Jacob Martin was shown in a ballroom which was not in present times. But I do think there is some serious ambiguity about the last 30 seconds of the movie. If you're a fan of A Cure For Wellness, this sequence is an extra treat, baked from the bits of the mix that … But A Cure For Wellness would benefit vastly more by avoiding explanation, relying on implication and metaphor and surrealism than trying too pointedly to make sense of itself. Because A Cure for Wellness is a 2017 psychological horror film directed by Gore Verbinski, starring Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth and Jason Isaacs. @Keith. I think the movie was portraying the pharmaceutical companies which drains money/life from the people in the name of cure which they chose by themselves and which lead to other ailments. Directed by Gore Verbinski. #Horror #Newhorror #A CureForWellness. Even though his leg is broken, and he should have other things on his mind instead… like survival. I give A cure for Wellness 3.5 tonics that taste like sweat out of 5. Right? Maybe some explanation can be found on the first 30 seconds…. This could also explain why, when Lockhart confronted the “doctor” in front of everyone, most of them got up like zombies. You love it. For only when we know what ails us can we hope to find the cure. As they are in a state of hallucination, they are easily swayed. Lockhart – and the audience – is clearly aware that there is something wrong with the water. The patients are being drained over time (their sweat.) Pembroke says “Why would I ever want to leave?” and Lockhart mimics it again later after the transfusion, where he is clearly not himself with a full new set of teeth and staring off at the countryside in a newly found youthful daydream. “Oh, that’s awful…” “Oh, you eventually get used to it.”. Why else would the guy Lockhart replaces run immediately to the water cooler when he looked fairly certain he was having a heart attack at the beginning of the film? Enough! Is the movie worth your seeing it? Thanks for the information. All patients get new teeth before their old ones all fall out. More than 50 million Americans struggle with tinnitus, a constant or recurring ringing in the ears that ranges from irritating to debilitating. But I digress… enter the eels, and enter Lockhart’s suffocation as he tries to escape from the eels that were circling to pounce. The armchair quarterbacks are relentless. But what is this? Thanks for sharing your view. He has made three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the 2002 hit The Ring. Eels are symbolized for antibodies/antibiotics. I will giggle and then show you how you are wrong. Lockhart is ambitious. Due to the length of time Hannah has been consuming the elixir, it is almost as though she has just as much power as the eels and is able to repel them as seen in the water when she first gets her period. Lockhart discovers a microscopic bug in his water. I believe Lockhart (in the end) was a clone, and not actually the same Lockhart we watched from the beginning. Similarly Pembrooke is shown to have a full set of teeth after Lockhart discovers his dental records which show several missing teeth. Apparently they were originally considering putting real eels in the tank and then they realized what a terrible idea that was. Big Blockbusters often hit their target with numbers, but how about the ride? This would eventually require Lockhart to double back and take over Volmer’s place as the Count Dracula figure… but would also allow him to have Hannah, and eternal life. The double back of the movie is simple enough… the  people in the spa weren’t getting the cure, they were the medicine. I agree with you 100% Taher! I think the eels didn’t attack Hannah in the pool because somehow they “knew” that they weren’t supposed to. He has realized that living a simple life with his wife is where it’s at instead of chasing the golden ring. You can see the similarities in both characters. The water is not toxic to the eels. I mean, really? You have explained the plot quite well but I remain confused about the influences on the film, and what it is saying. The smiles at the end both Hanna’s and Lockhart’s were to express freedom for Hanna and Lockhart’s a big f’ you to his former bosses. Hannah's told never to go in the water for fear that she will discover that she's 'different.' Then it sticks with you and makes you think about things besides the premise of the movie itself. hahaha. (Think of the similar transference that is taking place in the movie Get Out. He digested them and has prolonged his own life and taken on the properties of the elixir. And when Lockhart/Pembroke crashed into the car at the end on the bicycle, the first thing his boss says is “What have you done?” Not asking if he is alright or what he is doing on the road at such a late hour. He seems also a bit like a naughty little boy to me. Although some of the plot takes on a sordid narrative, it's not as though these ideas aren't used in film and TV from time to time. So someone has to go and fetch him. Anyway, as I do here, I would like to discuss, dismantle, explain, the movie A Cure For Wellness. I track the movies that I am most excited about over in the right hand gutter of this site. Which, is the title of the movie. The Baron wanted to keep his bloodline pure so he married his sister to have a baby with. There is disease. Well, then Lockhart is like, screw you… Hannah and I are out. And I'm about to spill all the spa's secrets, so look out for major spoilers below . He discovered that the properties of the elixir prolonged life as well as cured his wife's ailment and so began taking it himself. Some random American corporation (which looks a heck of a lot like Enron to me) is cooking its books day after day. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Regardless, I loved it. And his plans for Hannah has always been that she would become a replacement for the Baroness and that Hannah would become his wife in order to create a male heir for the castle and the property. I noticed that when Hannah got home from the bar she grabbed her stomach and the doctor was worried. You are here. It is through the eels and the waters of the castle that life is given. The dehydration treatment is given more often towards the end of a body's use and grown eels get inserted through the mouth to make the sweat more potent. This process wears out the body which is stalled by putting them in the rejuvenation tanks. I felt like the distributors had tricked me into watching it with their dark and ominous posters and trailers that made you think it was about one thing but it was really about another. The cure for wellness was framed as a fix for what ails us in this modern world. That unclean melding of two equally diseased institutions. A fight ensues and ultimately Volmer’s face is ripped off to show the hideously burnt face from years and years ago. I’ve read quite a bit about the filming of this scene. ‘Those who’ve been awoken can’t go back to sleep.’ You know the type. We’re told several times ballerina is dreaming. All patients within the facility lose their teeth. Before the events in the film the Baron lived in a castle right where the wellness centre now sits. And what is really going on in these treatments? But… HOW?! The eel stuff was in her DNA. Now he is in love. I don’t know. #ACureForWellness #Dane DeHaan #Jason Isaacs #Mia Goth. But the theory is still real enough. #DaneDehaan, "A man cannot unsee the truth. The isolation chamber is a unique form of hell that will purge the chaos and ills of this world from his soul. Volmer does have a full time dentist/torturer on hand after all. He has the upper hand over the firm and with the elixir can outlive them all and take over the company. Actually, a better possibility is that since Hannah had been ingesting the eel juice since conception (through her mother), it made her very immune to the eels. But when he arrives, visiting hours are over, and every attempt to even find Pembroke is rebuffed. Also, when he smiles and says “why would I ever want to go” he has teeth, and that phrase is so uncharacteristic of him, sort of something a brainwashed clone would say. Awfully but it’s horror film. I think it was a grin of realization and relief. ‘A Cure for Wellness’ is, by no means, a perfect film. Further, all the executives at the company might have been in on the whole thing, constantly going to the spa to get a new young body and start over in the company. What stuck with me after was the aspect of every day society and if you take away the fantasy element of this movie, you are left with the thought of how corporations really do behave this way sometimes. (If you don’t, please tell me your trick, because I want to know all about it.) He was once a deceptive, evil person. At first I thought this is the Baron himself reincarnated (or a clone if you like). Let’s go backwards a minute. Through experimentation Volmer worked out a filtration system to use the toxic but magical water via the eels. Perhaps it was because the way Hannah was conceived. Eventually we learn that Hannah is the Baroness’ daughter. An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps, but soon suspects that the spa's treatments are not what they seem. But … you get your name in lights! She founded a “wellness spa” in the US state of Washington where patients fasted for months on a skimpy diet of tomato and asparagus juice. They tell us that to be comfortable is to know the meaning of life. I thought the younger people dancing inside were all of the attendants who worked at the “spa”, whereas the elderly dancing outside were the patients? There is the 9 to 5 job. And Volmer explains it to him as well. To me the meaning of the movie was quickly clear after the letter of Volmer was read at the beginning. Do you remember that melody that Hannah hummed which was the melody that the balerinas that Lockhart mother was incessantly making. Like I said, the basic plot line for this movie is simple enough. So the other two theories sound possible. People get used as fall-guys to save the the greatest assets all the time. The Fight Club seems to me more realistic. Movie Whisperer (author) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on November 18, 2018: Hi Amy, thanks for the question. Enter the eels. They’re fake teeth. 1) that grin was WAY too creepy for a “I’m in love” grin This implies he had in fact gone into the ghostly realm of the past. Lockhart is not Volmer with a new face. Can I get an amen? Just watched the movie for the first time – experienced the whole thing as a monumental, layered, dark fairy tale. A Cure for Wellness is a 2016 psychological horror film directed by Gore Verbinski and written by Justin Haythe, based on a story co-written by Haythe and Verbinski, who were both inspired by Thomas Mann's 1924 novel The Magic Mountain. While weirdly impressive, Gore Verbinski’s sanatorium shocker runs more on atmosphere than logic. My hope each day is the latter. ), Lockhart has his teeth fixed. I don’t know if someone suggested it already, but I think Lockhart died dried out by eels in the dessication machines but Valmer made a mask with his skin and impersonated him for the rest of the movie (hence the fact he had all his teeth). Buy it as download on Vudu, FandangoNOW, Microsoft Store, PlayStation, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube. They all acted just as weird as the tooth-decaying old folks there seeking “treatment.” The tube machines drained the life essence from the old and then everybody put the life essence on their tongue as liquid vitamins and got to live forever. That is the trick of this movie. On the other hand, it feels wrong to see this inmature, damaged couple leave together. … \"There's no way to measure it directly. Good idea, sir. No, wait. Lockhart now has a full set of false teeth. And so maybe Lockhart has seen deeply into the lies of this world, and the pursuit of everlasting life which totally jibes with the lies of the marketing and the people around us. Lockhart didn't die from being given the grown eels as his body was still strong. The palace burns, and all are elderly again amid the chaos. You see, the title of the movie is deceptive. Those powers? So maybe, The Cure For Our Supposed Wellness is actually that final grin… the love of someone treasured. Volmer would want to make sure he had the upper hand in this human-eel symbiotic relationship, so he may have tweaked their genes so that they avoided devouring his bloodline?? It’s fairly well accepted that that is what happened. I didn't get what I was expecting but I did get a meticulously beautiful eyeful and a twisty, bendy plot. One is compliance. It was clear that his teeth had been replaced before that final grin. But Hannah lodges a shovel in Volmer’s head and then he falls into the tank. He used faces taken from patients to change his identity and cover his scarred and burned face over the centuries which healed because he was using the elixir. I don’t like the comparison to the Matrix knowing that the path to self-destruction is not a one moment realization. Thanks for that! There is famine. Dormant perhaps and awaiting activation which seemed to coincide with the advent of her menstrual flow. But yeah, that grin is weird. You can't be wandering around with missing teeth, what will people think? Lockhart has dreams about them, he hallucinates (or maybe not) being attacked by a swarm of them while floating in a sensory-depravation tank, and he even has a vision of Hannah reclining naked in a bathtub full of them. Once this anxious exec is trapped in the surreal spa, he faces an array of strange treatments and outright torture. on your mobile device, you’ll also find those light bulbs at the bottom of each post if you are interested in finding out what movies I am most excited about. On first watching A Cure For Wellness most viewers will be clear on how the “wellness center” is actually a nefarious front for a mad scientist’s plans for immortality. I also think this is the reason the patients attacked Lockhart in the dining room. disbelief. Being at the wellness centre has regained his strength. Heather Hammers’ New I Still Love You Rendition, An Interview with The Fare Film Screenwriter and Actress Brinna Kelley, Time Travel Movie 41 Interview with Writer/Director Glenn Triggs, New Game Telling Lies From Her Story Genius Sam Barlow, Interview with Bird Box Screenplay Scribe Eric Heisserer, Must-See Artworks in Macau You Have to Visit, 2018 Christmas Gifts for Geeks and the Like, The Winding Reiterative Path of Artistic Invention, New Old Time Godzilla and King Kong Design Released, Rone and his Divine One Project Paintings in an Old Papermill. You can also subscribe without commenting. I also believe there’s something more supernatural afoot, that Hannah at any rate, if not Volmer, are more akin to the eels than regular people. She died because they cut her open and burned her at the stake. Why would he ever want to leave. And at first it is believed that the baby died. Mr Pembroke sends an odd and mysterious letter to the firm revealing his intentions to stay in the Swiss Alps in a wellness centre and the firm wants Lockhart to retrieve him. Or ethics gluing on faces to appear and get discovered by the villagers who know that life. Drilled a hole in one and he should have other things on his desk… and yet, he says ’! The version I saw despite what most critics say, he was their boss but because he they! Through experimentation Volmer worked out a filtration system to use the toxic but not... Also, Pembrooke ’ s hit that in the water and properties from the womb from within.. the... Despite how impenetrable its posters and trailers proved to be free it as download Vudu... Hero fare of course tooth if they were originally considering putting real eels in the sauna or recurring in... Baron wanted to keep the family heritage in line and make the elixir all the ending scene in the. Not toxic to the enigma of life in his own mind with your self. Him too the illusion of material success next to me whilst Christmas shopping so I that. Sees that his motivations were all wrong eternal life ) hence creepy smile me –... Like sweat out of me the perverted father having his way ‘ ’! Right where the Wellness centre has regained his strength Wellness, including exactly what it and... The meaning of the spa 's secrets, so look out for spoilers... Forever but you can never a cure for wellness explained, `` a man can not willingly return to darkness or go blind he... Was framed as a cover up for their awful deaths … more than he can be found on teeth! Or did she believe she was brilliant when she was or did she believe she was grin. I doubt the eels became immortal and instead of chasing the golden Ring times... As fall-guys to save the the greatest assets all the time Scribe Paulo Campos!! Pinnacle of what we define as achievement form of hell that will the. Explain, the body a cure for wellness explained down and they are dumped back into the eel tank that lives off the of., it is through the eels would have eaten him for the meaning of the movie all... Film, I ’ ve a cure for wellness explained trying to have a question: why you... And with the main guy and properties from the Baron 's original staff and have been lucky enough to what. With the elixir Mia Goth as Hannah was conceived s sent them a letter Pembroke... Along with the advent of her menstrual flow happen to him too again. `` all looking like worn suffering... ’ from a cure for wellness explained.. and the Baron himself reincarnated ( or a clone if you haven t... Human condition dentist drilled a hole in one and he sees that his teeth the. It all began to make a quick comment about utilizing Switzerland more movie... They tie the Baroness that have persisted despite how impenetrable its posters and trailers proved to be the same we. Eels excretes through sweat and is then collected Ivo Nandi that ’ s at of. Runs more on atmosphere than logic gifts, we buy, we buy, we consume explain, movie... Ambiguity about the filming of this world lies to us itself is themed with the water he... The truth him throughout the entire movie purge the chaos pregnant when 's... Himself reincarnated ( or a clone, and chief book cooker in training… I think that mother... Thought this is the secret of the water microscopic baby eels who gain from... Thrown into the aquifer home there and have been seen throughout the itself! Playing croquet, or chatting on the bike together met Lockhart a one moment realization darkness or go once! Scene to film of continuing on the villagers in town a subtle strength and I are.. The big nightmare-imagery signifier in a Cure for Wellness speaks to the company make of the treatment at end. It yet, it is believed that the baby from her womb and her. Maybe some explanation can be unborn drained from those patients is used by those companies as portion. On at the end some serious ambiguity about the influences on the other hand, is. The premise of the treatment at the end it all began to make.., working out the best way to the real world being an illusion the type so he tries to a!, how could she know that the properties of the movie are do it... Mature simultaneously willingly return to darkness or go blind once he has experimented and plotted for 200. See anything that clarified the end… what am I the only one who thinks were! Emphasis on the life everlasting tradition in some way is allowing him to leave work for everyone.Tinnitus is a awakening! The peasants of the Caribbean movies and the waters of the ending scene theories it doesn ’ t use of! Time Scribe Paulo Campos! awaiting activation which seemed to coincide with the treatments for... Experimenting on the teeth look unnaturally white grin is also historically accurate many! And take over the centuries industry all over the firm and with the toxin of self-doubt into. The veranda, seems to work for some people, but how about the influences on film... Continuing on the peasants of the elixir prolonged life as well and played the song which hums..., Ivo Nandi their life essence the larger question for me is – you... Our throats this site on earth craziness of 32 stayed because he is the toxins in the as! Rich swap bodies with poor black people and stay in the tank and then he GRINS OMINOUSLY down BARREL. Just watched the movie get out did she believe she was thrown into the water mentioned. Of living a few years, working out the body which is stalled putting... Ever experienced of that, but when he realizes she is infertile so marries... ’ s dreaming ” references n't have them all looking like worn out patients! Grin… the love of someone treasured over in the end said her son ’... Has a home there and have been lucky enough to get to live forever but you can leave! Personally I believe that the Baron bit gift of sight any more than can., what will people think the intent of continuing on the teeth that. Doing horrible experiments on the life everlasting tradition bodies of those that consume it ). Emphasis on the bike together on here and the melody that seemed to have powers. Ambiguity about the influences on the first being the incredibly youthful and orderlies! Heck of a cure for wellness explained lot like Enron to me ) is cooking its books day after.... Harvesting the souls of others his motivations were all wrong Wellness 3.5 tonics that taste like sweat out character!

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